Aside from the BMW i3, the company doesn't make any all-electric vehicles. Moreover, the i3 is going away and it will not be replaced. BMW's only other true "i" model isn't fully electric, but instead, a very expensive plug-in hybrid sports car in the i8.

The German automaker's other electric cars are all plug-in hybrid versions of its current lineup. For example, the 530e (5 Series plug-in), 330e (3 Series plug-in), and BMW X5 40e. Sadly, none of these vehicles offer much all-electric range.

Overall, BMW electric car sales in the U.S. have been falling. It has gotten so dire that the automaker no longer reports its EV sales number, but rather just a percentage drop from the previous year. BMW says this sales decline is due to being in a transitional period. It doesn't have a lot of compelling EVs to sell right now, however, several are on the way.

According to recent news from BMW Blog, BMW has gotten the official green light to produce a fully electric 5 Series, as well as an all-electric X1 crossover. Reports about whether or not these cars were actually coming to market have been mixed. However, German publication Handelsblatt has confirmed that they will be a reality.

These two upcoming EVs are part of an effort by BWM to release at least 12 all-new fully electric cars by 2023. Eventually, BMW plans to electrify its entire lineup.

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