According to Colin Mckerracher (Head of Advanced Transport, BloombergNEF), the total estimated revenue from global passenger plug-in car sales for year 2018 (excluding low speed EVs and small volume manufacturers) was $75 billion.

First place belongs to Tesla, which according to its financial report closed the year 2018 with close to $21.5 billion in revenues, including $18.5 billion in revenues from automotive sales/leases (excluding energy generation and storage, Services and other). That would be a quarter of the entire market value.

The key to success for Tesla is not only a high volume of sales (top BEV manufacturer globally), but also a high average price per sale.

Tesla is followed by BMW and BYD at a similar level of $7.4 billion:‏


The companies ranked between 2 and 11 in total noted more than $40 billion in revenues, which combined with Tesla's $18.5 billion, would mean there's less than $16.5 billion for rest of the market.


Source: BloombergNEF

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