The Tesla Model S and Model X continue to excel at the drag strip due to their instant torque and otherworldly off-the-line acceleration. However, neither has really been a solid contender at the twisty track.

Don't get us wrong here, both Tesla flagships handle exceedingly well and provide a driving experience that's commendable overall, especially when compared to mainstream five-seat large sedans and midsize SUVs. But, regardless of their incredible quickness, they're family haulers more than they're track cars.

Welcome the Model 3, and it seems Tesla aimed to change the above. It has become clear that few people expected the automaker's entry-level vehicle to shine as it does on the track. Choose the Model 3 Performance with Track Mode and you've got yourself quite the track-ready beast. In fact, even the base Model 3 offers pretty incredible track performance for a reasonably priced small luxury car.

This particular Tesla Model 3 Performance with Track Mode hits the circuit at the Pokono Raceway. Check out the video to see it pull out all the stops and blow by the legendary Corvette.

Video Description via Okiem Piotra on YouTube:

Lap around Pocono Raceway in a Tesla P3D-

Model 3 Performance (P3D-) w/out Performance upgrade package (PUP), with upgraded larger front rotors (MPP) for better heat dissipation under heavy breaking.

Still have to put on the coil-over suspension I got from MPP, that should help improve stability in fast corners next time, especially coming off of that insane 130mph+ Pocono straightaway.
First time on the track.

Still managed to pass a few cars.

Good stuff.

You can see energy usage on the center screen.

More info from this track Day:

The Pocono Raceway track day on August 27th was run on a 2.5 mile road course (composed of the North course and South course). I think I had reached 140mph top speed but the top speed really is just a small part of the experience. It’s the instant torque and the ability for the car to exit out of the corners that sets it apart from ICE cars.

The setup I ran at this particular track day was larger front rotors from MPP (an upgrade you really need especially with the P3D- that doesn’t come with upgraded performance brakes) as well as thicker sway bars that help stop body roll in corners for more precise handling and Nitto 275mm width tires. The sway bar is just a stop-gap solution until I install coil-over suspension (that have better-tuned shocks and springs for high-speed cornering). It was especially evident in turn 8 where coming off top speeds of north of 130mph you enter into a fast right-hander with some undulations in the road (as the track transitions from high-speed oval onto infield), the car was getting unsettled pretty significantly, the coil-overs should keep it planted next time.
Also looking into the recently announced adjustable front upper control arms for negative camber setup. The upgraded brakes, sway bars, coil-overs, and the adjustable upper arms should really turn this into a proper track machine.

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