You are probably used to seeing drag races in which the EV involved beats every other competitor, mercilessly. And that is a good feeling for electric car fans, despite what Anderson Cooper seems to think about them. But you just can’t win them all, as the video above confirms.

The Tesla’s Wild YouTube channel took a Tesla Model 3 Performance to the Bandimere Speedway to drag race a bunch of other vehicles. And it does pretty well with its first opponent, a stock Dodge Challenger R/T.

While the Model 3 does a quarter-mile time of 11.611 seconds, the Challenger does it in 15.967 s. Probably due to driver’s lack of experience, since stock Challenger R/T times are around 14 s, and there have been people getting 13.1 s, according to this thread.

Excellent start, but then our consistent Tesla Model 3 faced two supercharged-tuned Corvettes. And was beaten by both.

The first Corvette would have more than 600 hp. It got a quarter-mile time of 11.156 s, while the Tesla clocked an 11.597-s time. Not bad for a stock vehicle and the best time it managed to register that day.

Tesla’s Wild considers the second Corvette a sleeper, even with the different rear wheels. But that is not relevant to the discussion. The “sleeper” Corvette runs a quarter-mile in just 11.179 s, while the Model 3 Performance does that in 11.613 s.

You sure can’t win them all, especially with a stock vehicle. But what about tuned EVs? We have already shown here that Steinbauer is offering the Model S a power-enhancing module. It will not take long for the company to develop one to the Model 3. And for other tuning companies to start doing the same. How will these prepared EVs behave? We’ll soon discover, for sure.

Video Description Via Tesla’s Wild on YouTube

Description: Another night at Bandimere Speedway with the Tesla Model 3 Performance. It was a great night but we lost a couple races to two badass corvettes. Oh well, you win some and lose some. :)

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