Adamas Intelligence just released another interesting teaser of its EV Battery Capacity Monthly report about the passenger xEV (BEV/PHEV/HEV) battery deployment in June 2019.

We already know that out of 11.25 GWh deployed globally, some 91% or about 10.2 GWh falls on BEVs.

When analyzing the data more closely, it turns out that 6.1 GWh (or 54%) out of 11.25 GWh globally was for xEVs in China alone. Chinese xEV battery capacity deployment increased by 115% year-over-year!

The top-selling model in June - BAIC EU-Series (at almost 18,000 sales), was responsible for about 806 MWh of batteries according to Adamas.

"In June 2019, 806 MWh of battery capacity was deployed in newly-sold BJEV EU-Series battery electric vehicles (“BEVs”) in China, more than double the 349 MWh deployed in the second-ranked BYD Yuan and the 315 MWh deployed in the third-ranked Changan Eado,

On the back of rising sales in China, the Tesla Model 3 saw 275 MWh of battery capacity deployed in June 2019, putting it in fourth place in China by capacity deployed and making it the only foreign-made EV in China’s top ten.

In fifth place, 229 MWh of battery capacity was deployed in newly-sold BYD e5 BEVs in June 2019 which, along with the ninth-ranked BYD Qin BEV (not shown in figure below) give BYD three EVs among the top ten in China by battery capacity deployed."

Top 5 models in China by battery capacity deployed in June 2019:

  1. BJEV EU-Series - 806 MWh
  2. BYD Yuan - 349 MWh
  3. Changan Eado - 315 MWh
  4. Tesla Model 3 - 275 MWh
  5. BYD e5 BEV - 229 MW

Source: Adamas Intelligence

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