Tesla increased sales in Germany by more than 400% and is now ahead of Jaguar.

So far this year, Tesla sales (actually new car registrations) amounted in Germany to 6,816, which makes Tesla the quickest growing brand in the country. The growth rate of over 405% is just out of reach for the established manufacturers.

The reason behind such a great result is, of course, the Tesla Model 3, which noted 5,804 new registrations compared to zero last year. The Model S/X registrations were 1,010, which is 25% less than the 1,346 a year ago at this point.

The other thing is that Tesla now clearly outsold Jaguar brand - 5,377 registrations, including 530 Jaguar I-PACE. And that is despite the I-PACE having received the 2019 German Car of the Year Award. We assume that the market simply verified that as far as BEVs are considered, Tesla is a better choice for much more consumers.


Car sales in Germany by brands - July 2019

Interestingly, Porsche at 17,181 andis falling 21.6%. Here we attached official KBA sales stats for all the brands:


Source: KBA

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