Nissan, together with ENEL X and the Energy Sustainability Agency, launched Latin America’s first bidirectional vehicle charging system (V2G - Vehicle-to-Grid) in Chile.

The demonstration installation combines the Nissan LEAF electric car, the bidirectional CHAdeMO charger, energy storage system and 3 kW solar panels. The LEAF will then become an auxiliary power source when needed (usually at peak demand or in an emergency).

Francisco Medina, electric vehicle manager at Nissan Chile said:

"For the first time in Latin America, the Energy Sustainability Agency's innovative project enables measurement of the bidirectional flow between the electric vehicle's battery and the system's storage unit. During peak hours, when energy costs are higher, the vehicle will contribute as a source of power. The new Nissan LEAF is the only electric car with V2G technology, and we're proud to be part of this important initiative."

Nissan is trying to popularize V2G and figure out a viable business model for bidirectional charging over the year, but it's not easy until EVs become more popular and the V2G system becomes affordable.

The Japanese manufacturer said also that hundreds of thousand LEAFs sold so far have a theoretical combined storage potential of more than 10 GWh. Of course, to tap the potential, all would need to be parked and connected to V2G chargers, which are scarce devices.

Nissan LEAF and Latin America’s first V2G system in Chile
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