Not long ago, Tesla unveiled its new V3 Supercharger technology that's capable of delivering 250 kW of power. This means you can add up to 180 miles of range to a Model 3 Long Range in just 15 minutes.

Since then, the automaker has added some V3 Superchargers to existing stations. However, its first brand-new V3 Supercharger station officially went live just yesterday.

The Las Vegas Tesla charging station has a total of 39 chargers. In addition to the V3 Superchargers, the site has 15 Level 2 Tesla Wall Connectors for those who aim to leave their car charging for a longer period of time. Tesla says the new site generates power through the use of solar canopies — which also provide shade for Tesla owners — and the energy is stored in Powerpacks that are located on-site.

The new V3 Supercharger station is located on Caesars Entertainment property. It's below the High Roller on the LINQ promenade, right off the main strip in Sin City. The Caesars Entertainment location makes sense since the property owners have set a goal to reduce emissions some 30% by 2025.

According to Tesla, Las Vegas saw an average of 6,500 Supercharging sessions per month prior to opening the new site. The V3 station has the capability to allow charging for up to 1,500 Tesla owners each day, so we can expect the latter number to increase significantly over time.

Tesla also shared the information via a fun tweet.


Video Description via Tesla on YouTube:

V3 Supercharging in Vegas


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