Tesla Autopilot is surely the most talked-about semi-autonomous system on the market today. This is likely because it's working in beta mode on the automaker's entire global fleet of cars. As Tesla works toward its full self-driving technology, it continues to make incremental software updates, which have improved Autopilot significantly. However, there are still cases in which Autopilot fails to do what some drivers may expect it to do.

As you can see from the video above, the Tesla Model 3 on Autopilot doesn't detect stopped traffic on the freeway. It's likely because most of the traffic is already at a complete stop and the Model 3 is rounding a corner. By the time the car clears the corner, the driver has to take control since Autopilot appears to have no idea there is stopped traffic directly ahead.

The most important takeaway here is you can't expect Tesla Autopilot to do anything. Sure, in most cases, it's going to perform consistently. The more you drive your Tesla on Autopilot, the more you become aware of the technology's strengths and weaknesses. Still, it's critical to not become too comfortable and or to trust the technology to be free of errors. 

According to CEO Elon Musk, full self-driving capability is coming soon, but there are certainly still challenges to overcome. However, he points out intersections and parking lots as the biggest challenges. What about issues like this on the highway? Do you think Tesla will achieve full self-driving capability soon? Let us know in the comment section below.


Video Description via Scott Kubo on YouTube:

Tesla Autopilot Not Detecting Stopped Traffic on Highway

Example of a corner case where radar cannot detect suddenly stopped traffic due to the curve of the highway and retaining wall.

This was performed on version v9 2019.8.2

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