Just another Tesla (no, it's definitely not a Tesla) fire to report on. It seems this gas-burning Toyota RAV 4 went up in flames. Perhaps gas is not the safest way to propel a car down the road. It seems highly flammable. 

Gas car fires happen all the time, yet nobody reports on them, so we're starting a humorous (we hope) series here to call attention to the 468 (average) gas car fires per day in the U.S. that get zero media coverage, versus the 10 or so EV fires annually that get massive mainstream media attention.

Why's Tesla mentioned in the headline? Without the word Tesla, it's simply not considered report-worthy news by the mainstream media if a car catches on fire.

Inspiration for this new Tesla (no, it's definitely not a Tesla) fire series comes to us via Twitter, where Steve Jobs (@tesla_truth) and Ray4Tesla (@ray4tesla) posted this Tesla RAV4 ablaze:




There's now a big fire watch committee on Twitter who's job it is to keep an eye out for these Tesla (no, it's definitely not a Tesla) blazes. We hear a Tesla pickup truck fire has already been reported and, of course, all these fires occur only when the Tesla is on Autopilot too.

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