Tesla CCS Combo 2 adapter for the European Model S and Model X already is in the hands of the first users and, according to first tests, it can go up to around 130 kW.

Bjørn Nyland recently tested the adapter with a brand new Tesla Model X 100D at a CCS ultra-fast charger (Fortum's Hypercharger) in Norway, proving that the charging pace can be similar or even slightly quicker (in the low state-of-charge range) to V2 Supercharging (120 kW).

Here are the results for Model X 100D with a heated battery before charging (SOC - power):

  • 10% - 70 kW
  • 13% - 131 kW (peak)
  • 20% - 126 kW
  • 30% - 119 kW
  • 40% - 117 kW
  • 50% - 103 kW
  • 60% - 88 kW
  • 70% - 76 kW
  • 80% - 52 kW
  • 90% - 37 kW

Interestingly, the CCS2 adapter shows a rating of 410 VDC and 210ADC, which would be just 86.1 kW, but as you can see the peak is 131 kW. On the other hand, Tesla stated on its website a limit of 120 kW.

CCS Combo 2 plug with attached Tesla CCS Combo 2 adapter for European Model S and Model X, which fits Type 2-based charging inlet on car side:

Tesla CCS Combo 2 adapter for European Model S and Model X

The Model S/X in Europe are equipped with charging inlet for AC and DC fast charging, compatible with/based on the Type 2 AC standard. DC charging is possible using:

  • Tesla Superchargers
  • 3rd party chargers using Tesla-CHAdeMO adapter (up to 50 kW) or Tesla CCS adapter

For new Model S/X, the adapter cost is €170, old ones need to be upgraded for an additional €330 (€500 total):

  • Model S/X manufactured after May 1, 2019 - €170 for adapter to CCS
  • Model S/X manufactured before May 1, 2019 - €500 retrofit in service (including adapter)
  • Model 3: adapter not needed (compatible with CCS plugs)

Is it worth it to upgrade older Model S/X or purchase CCS adapter for new S/X in Europe? Certainly yes, if there is a better CCS infrastructure than Supercharging infrastructure in your area and you want to use it. However, Bjørn Nyland hints also at another option - to consider second-hand, used 50 kW CHAdeMO adapter if one doesn't need full speed as the price could be attractive.

In North America, Tesla so far hasn't released an adapter to CCS Combo 1 (SAE J1772 Combo) plugs.

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