Tesla CEO Elon Musk says the range of the Model Y will be up to 10% less than the Tesla Model 3 due to its shape and weight.

In that same Ride The Lightning podcast that brought us news of the $50,000 Tesla pickup truck and the insane performance of the upcoming Tesla Roadster, we learn some information in regards to the Model Y.

In discussing the Model Y, Musk stated:

“We tried to make the car as similar to the [Model 3] as possible except in the case where a change was necessary to achieve SUV functionality…[all] while still having a low drag coefficient and not increasing the frontal area too much.”

According to Musk, the net result is a range loss of only 8-10%, as compared to the Model 3. Not bad for a vehicle that can seat up to 7 in a pinch.

While Tesla’s Model 3 sedan is a runaway success, the coming Model Y sport-utility vehicle could eventually out-sell it. Planned to debut later in 2020, it will be based on the Model 3 and start at $39,000 with a 230-mile battery range.

Unfortunately, the base model won’t be available until 2021. Tesla will initially sell costlier versions of the Model Y at launch, with a range of between 280 and 300 miles and priced up to $61,000.

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