This Tesla owner could have found himself in a situation of insurance fraud. Herman Nagra says a bicycle rider rear-ended his Model 3 near Cedar and Shaw in Fresno, CA and then rode away. Yes, a hit and run bicyclist.

When the police arrived at the scene, Nagra explained the situation, but the bicycle and rider were nowhere to be found. He claims the police seemed suspicious of his story. Nagra explains that the officers asked:

"In a very aggressive demeanor said to me well where's the bicyclist, where is he? And I said I don't know the accident occurred less than a hundred feet away, he's not there he's got on his bike and left.....he's the one that's actually fled the scene."

Fortunately for Nagra, and many other Tesla owners, these cars have built-in cameras that capture and record the surroundings of the car. Nagra tells Fox26News that the Tesla has five cameras around the vehicle. He shares:

"If we were driving at the moment, it would show every car. It would show a car here, here if there are cars there, one in the front one in the back, if it's a bike it'll show as a bike or a motorcyclist or a pedestrian."

Nagra reminds us to not assume that the bicyclist won't be found at fault. He shared the footage with his insurance company and was able to prove that the bicycle smashed into the back of his car. 

The police eventually tracked down the bicyclist and he told them that he wasn't injured and his bike was fine as well. However, in a strange turn of events, Nagra learned later from his insurance company that the rider was trying to get some money. It seems as though this was some sort of attempted insurance scam. 

Thanks to the Tesla's cameras, Nagra's insurance company dealt with the situation accordingly.

Source: Fox26News

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