What in the heck is Overland and why does it matter? It's a ten-year-old festival dedicated to the practice and gear of overlanding. Overlanding is essentially the practice of taking your vehicle on an extended safari of sorts, while being able to remain self-sufficient in the elements.

In order to properly overland, you need to be able to travel a long distance on potentially uncharted, off-road courses, camp out, and cook your own food.


The Rivian R1T is reportedly the first all-electric vehicle with the ability to pull this off. We already know that the truck's bed can easily facilitate an add-on, camper-style tent. We also know that the battery-electric pickup truck offers a slew of cargo space, with its frunk, gear tunnel, under-floor compartment, and bed.


In addition, Rivian vehicles seem to be stellar when it comes to venturing off the pavement and into the wild. But, can it cook a meal? Well, not on its own, though that technology may well come to vehicles in the future.

In the meantime, Rivian has developed a unique stove that's powered by the electric pickup truck's battery and should prove hugely advantageous for the hardcore trailblazers and campers out there. As you can see, it attaches to the R1T's gear tunnel and can be stored within.

Rivian R1T cook stove

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Rivian R1T is first electric vehicle at Overland

May 17, 2019, Flagstaff, AZ– Electric adventure vehicle maker Rivian introduced its five-passenger R1T pickup to the attendees of Overland West at Fort Tuthill County Park in Flagstaff, Arizona.

The R1T is the first EV to appear at an Overland event.

“We’ve been coming to Overland for a few years now, learning from this community how they use their vehicles,” said Rivian Creative Director Larry Parker. “Much of what we’ve learned from Overland attendees has gone into our product design."

Electric vehicles are inherently quiet and produce zero emissions. Rivian’s EVs feature quad-motor all-wheel drive, class-leading ground clearance, and over 400 miles of range. The Rivian R1T, along with the Rivian R1S SUV, deliver immense torque which provides optimal performance on unpredictable terrain and with heavy loads.

The R1T displayed at Overland West features a custom electric camp stove powered by the vehicle’s battery pack. The stove slides out from the vehicle’s gear tunnel for use, providing emissions-free kitchen capability.

Overland is a ten-year-old festival dedicated to the practice and gear of overlanding, a self-contained, vehicle-based exploration style inspired by safaris and other extended travel. Camping, cooking and outdoor recreation are at the core of overlanding.

Meet the R1T: The R1T will be at all three days of Overland West. At 2PM on Friday the 17th, 9AM and 2PM on Saturday the 18th, and at 1PM on Sunday the 19th, the Rivian team will be conducting walkarounds of the R1T, diving deep into the features that differentiate the vehicle from other outdoor vehicles and EVs.

The Outdoors and the R1T: facts and features

-With 750 horsepower and immense torque, the R1T comes designed for heavy loads and can tow up to 11,000 pounds.
-A ‘gear tunnel’ and front trunk allow for much more sealable storage found in a conventional off-road vehicle.
-At 180kwh, the R1T has the world's largest, most durable automotive battery pack.
-The R1T and R1S offer up to 14 inches of ground clearance with adjustable air suspension.
- During downhill braking the R1T restores over half the energy used on the same upslope.
- Detailed, downloadable maps are available in the R1T’s user interface, so you can navigate even when offline.
-The R1T comes with a built-in air compressor and alarmed gear security loops.
- Users can light their surroundings and cook using the vehicle’s power for over a week using only 20 kWh– or 11%– of the largest 180kWh Rivian battery pack.
-The R1T is powered by four independent 200hp motors for maximum power and control.
- With its fully sealed battery pack and drive units, the R1T can wade through up to three feet of water.

About Rivian

Rivian is developing vehicles, technology and services that inspire people to get out and explore the world. Rivian has development centers in Plymouth, Mich.; San Jose, Calif.; Irvine, Calif.; and Surrey, England; along with a 2.6-million-square-foot manufacturing plant in Normal, Ill. Rivian will launch the R1T and R1S in the U.S. in late 2020, with introduction to other global geographies starting in 2021. Rivian is now accepting preorders on its R1T and R1S. More information is available at www.rivian.com.

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