Envision AESC, formerly AESC (Automotive Energy Supply Corporation) acquired by Envision Group from Nissan (which still holds some 20% of shares), announced new 5th generation NCM 811 batteries.

Over nine years, AESC supplied more than 430,000 battery packs for electric cars (more than 90% to Nissan), having three manufacturing plants around the world with a total capacity of 7.5 GWh annually.

The plan is to build a fourth Wuxi Plant in China with 20 GWh capacity for total 27.5 GWh annually and race to become the #2 biggest EV battey supplier, after the Panasonic. In the longer term, the company hopes to decrease the battery cost to $50/kWh in 2025.

Envision AESC plants

To achieve all of that, Envision AESC bets on new NCM 811 lithium-ion cells with 80% nickel content in the cathode.

According to company's website, the 5th generation cells will be able to store more than 300 Wh/kg and 600-650 Wh/L, compared to the current 4th generation NCM - 224 Wh/kg and 460 Wh/L, used in Nissan LEAF e+ (62 kWh).

Production of those new batteries will take place in the new 20 GWh facility in China.

"As the company with the world's safest battery products, Envision AESC relies on a complete R&D system and years of solid core technology to significantly improve batteries in terms of safety, performance, cost and longevity. The new-generation Gen5-811 AIoT battery products will have a high energy density of approximate 300 Wh/kg, while passing a number of safety tests. The product will be mass-produced at Envision AESC Wuxi Plant in 2020, with a total annual production capacity of 20GWh. It is expected to provide high safety, high energy density, high durability and cost-effective battery to more than 400,000 new energy vehicles worldwide each year in future."

Envision AESC plants
Envision AESC plants

Source: Envision AESC, Nikkei via pushevs.com

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