Let's take a look inside a tire on this bulletproof Tesla Model S.

We've shared stories about the ArmorMax Tesla Model S in the past. Despite its bulletproof status, which adds extra weight, it's still quite quick. ArmorMax claims it's the quickest armored car in the world. If true, this gives it a double advantage. A bulletproof vehicle could hypothetically sit still and take on gunfire without worries. A super-quick vehicle could outrun gun fire. Put the two together and the occupant would likely feel pretty safe. However, having bulletproof tires would up the ante even further.

All the details about the ArmorMax Tesla Model S were disclosed in a recent video share via Zack from YouTube channelĀ JerryRigsEverything. He not only fills us in on the vehicle's modifications, but also claims to be the first person who has actually fired bullets at the car. Dan from What's Inside? wants to know if the Model S' tires are truly bulletproof. Of course, we know they're run-flats, but are they especially resistant to gun fire?

Dan welcomes Zack, the bulletproof Tesla Model S, and a tank for comparison. Watch the video to learn what's inside a "bulletproof" Tesla Model S tire.

Video Description via What's Inside? on YouTube:

What's inside a Bulletproof Tesla Tire?

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