Try to hold Tesla back and you may get beat down by Elon Musk.

Not, really! But, this definitely had us laughing out loud, literally. You may remember awhile back we shared some incredible artwork by renowned artist Shawn Wylde (American AF). It showcased Tesla and Elon Musk (Mad Musk) on Mars. We also shared quite a bit of information about Shawn's story. You can check it all out by clicking here.

Needless to say, although Shawn admits to just becoming a new Tesla fan (and placing a reservation for a Tesla Roadster), this video makes it very clear that he's done his homework. He essentially tells the entire Tesla story in just over a minute. Well, at least the part about haters, shorts, FUD, and overall adversity. As you can see, the video features Big Oil, competing automakers, media organizations, fake news, the SEC, and even Jeff Bezos. Whether you love or hate Tesla, hopefully this puts a smile on your face to start the day.

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Video Description via American AF on YouTube:

Elon Musk VS The Cult of Haters

Tesla is American AF. Dumb-dumbs trying to stop Tesla get a good ol' fashioned butt woopin'

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