Yes, we know it's ridiculous, but still ...

We realize that this is one of those titles that the masses will see and think ... what? It must be a joke, right? You can't take a car for walk, at least not literally. However, those "in the know" might immediately catch the fact that this might have something to do with Tesla Summon Mode. Well, if that was your guess, then you win. Go ahead, pat yourself on the back.

All silliness aside, there are two points here. Tesla's newest iteration of Summon Mode (coined Enhanced Summon) is pretty cool. However, arguably more important overall is that the Silicon Valley automaker takes advantage of most of its advertising and promotion via social media. While this is true due to CEO Elon Musk and his massive Twitter presence, the whole owner social media share/Twitter situation is incredibly intense as well. Not a day goes by when avid and satisfied Tesla owners aren't taking to social media in droves to get the word out.

In a world where the internet consumes the lives of many, and especially the younger generation, this stuff is the meat and potatoes of what has -- and will continue to -- apprise the masses when it comes to the future of EV adoption. Whether or not you like or support Tesla matters not. The truth here is that our young people, our children, are becoming inundated with these Tesla-related shares and with the future of the automotive industry. At any rate, check out the silly, yet compelling video below.

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