Deposits, the configurator, and tying up loose ends.

The Polestar 2 was released this morning to much fanfare.  We've posted the main points and shared the livestream presentation, but there are lots of details we thought we could share that may have been overlooked. After watching the reveal video and going through the now-live configurator, this is what we've learned.

First off, let's talk availability. In the U.S., the 2 will be available first in California. The company has targeted July of 2020 to begin deliveries. Other regions that will receive the first cars are China, Canada, Sweden, Norway, UK, Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium. We imagine deliveries to other states and European countries will begin not too long after that, though no timeframe has yet been given.


About that price: during the reveal presentation, Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath said "At launch, Polestar 2 will start from 39,900 euros. And at launch, we'll be offering our all-wheel-drive 300-kW car for 59,900 euros..." This would make it seem as though there will be various trim levels available from the get-go. However, the official press release states, "For the first 12 months of production, guide price of the launch edition is 59,900 euros." 

We reached out to Polestar for clarification and have been told that for the first 12 months after production begins in February 2020, the factory will only produce the Launch Edition. The lower-cost cars will then go into production early 2021, and the exact specifications and features of these editions will be made known closer to that time.

In any case, what we do know is that, if you go to the Polestar 2 configurator (now live), the base price in the U.S. will be $63,000 ($69,900 in Canada), with taxes, title, registration and destination charges extra. This is for the higher spec version with 300 kW, the panoramic roof, pixel LED headlights (these headlights not approved for use in U.S.), vegan seats, and Harmon/Kardon premium stereo.

Interestingly, the Chinese version of the configurator doesn't offer a price yet. It does, however, give a deposit amount of 8,000 yuan ($1,196 at today's rates). In the U.S., the desposit, which can be placed now on the Polestar website, is $1,000 after you complete a configuration.


Speaking of the configuator, there are a couple of interesting points revealed here. Although the reveal presentation only mentions the vegan interior, there is also an option for ventilated Napa leather seats. You can also upgrade to a performance package which gives the car a set of Öhlins DFV (dual flow valve) track-worthy shocks, Brembo brakes all around, and 20-inch wheels, along with gold-colored seat belts and gold valve caps to remind you and others that you've splurged. If you forgo that upgrade, you can still get the 20-inch wheel option.

There are three different interior color packages to choose from, though some exterior color choices may limit that to two. We expect that as more information about other editions are made known, the configurator will offer different choices. We also note that noo prices are yet available for the different options, including any of the six color choices.

Yes, the Polestar 2 has a rear hatch.

Other Interesting Tidbits

There are a few other points we would like to bring to your attention. While the big headline says the 0-to-100 kph (62 mile-per-hour) figure is 5 seconds, they are actually targeting 4.7 seconds. Also, like the Tesla Model 3, your phone is your key and there is no start button. Approach the car with your personal device and the car will unlock. Sit down in the driver's seat and it turns on.

There is not a lot of information yet available about the extent of its driver assist functions. We do know, however, that it wil offer some help. Its pilot assist system uses radar and cameras to monitor the environment around you. The safety system includes driver alert, collision avoidance using both braking and steering, run-off mitigation, and evasive manoeuver assist. It also has cross-traffic alert and rear collision warning/mitigation.

Finally, it appears as it may not have a front trunk (frunk). If it does, it will be on the small size. It does, however, feature a rear hatch opening with autoclose in the rear, which will no doubt be appreciated by many.

We will, of course, be closely following the Polestar 2 here on our main site, as well on the PoleStar section of the InsideEVs Forum. If you're a prospective buyer or just a fan of this new all-electric sedan, drop by there and share your experience with our community.

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