According to MotorTrend, "familiarity comes standard" in this "friendly electro-wagonoid."

What in the heck does that mean? Well, in order to push EV adoption, OEMs figure they must make these cars as "normal" as possible. We've shared multiple reviews of the Kia Niro EV, as well as the Hyundai Kona Electric, which call them normal or "regular." This makes perfect sense since they were both built on ICE car/shared platforms. The whole "electro-wagonoid" titling makes even more sense due to the fact that there is a major issue nowadays with automakers labeling cars as SUVs and crossovers, when, in reality, they're not much more than toddler-sized, raised up hatchbacks or wagons.

MotorTrend finally got a chance to get inside the Kia Niro EV and give it a good once over. We're sure, as usual, there's much more to come for MotorTrend as it gets some more time with the car. Nonetheless, the publication says:

The 2019 Niro EV is like an old friend; step inside, and you're greeted by a roomy cabin that seamlessly blends simplicity with modern technology. Kia's UVO3 interface, even with its EV-specific menus, has no learning curve ...

Essentially a wagon masquerading as a subcompact crossover, the 2019 Kia Niro EV offers generous passenger and cargo space ...

With an EPA-rated 239-mile range on a full charge, the 2019 Kia Niro EV matches the Chevrolet Bolt EV and beats the Nissan Leaf.

Per MotorTrend, the car is energetic in the city and the regen is smooth. It offers a respectable balance between solid handling and cushioned ride quality. To top is off, its standard equipment list is unparalleled. Not only do you get a fantastic touch-screen infotainment system, but also a full set of advanced safety technologies. MT concludes:

With satisfying road manners, generous range, and an easy user interface, the Niro EV is approachable. Combined with its conventional exterior, the Niro EV is far from a menacing space ship like some of its competitors, even with the funky sounds it makes. Unless you're a one-car family with an affinity for road trips, the Niro EV is a great daily driver; the level of simplicity it brings helps the average consumer ease into all-electric motoring without getting overwhelmed in the process.

Source: MotorTrend

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