Chevrolet Volt was kind of a halo car for General Motors

Bob Lutz - Former GM Chairman - visited the recent NAIAS and shared the number one inspiration to create the Chevrolet Volt.

The concept was shown in January 2007 and introduced on the market in December 2010. Lutz wanted to make Volt something like the Dodge Viper was at Chrysler. The reason behind that was to change the perception of the company, struggling with competition from Toyota.

The ability to earn some money on the Chevrolet Volt was a secondary goal,but not the most important according to Bob Lutz. However, we all must know that without profitability in place, any product will not be able to sustainably stay on the market.

Bonus: The Changing Role of Cars

"Tom Walsh (former business columnist, Detroit Free Press) and GM’s Former Vice Chairman, Bob Lutz, took to the North American International Auto Show floor to talk about how the automobile is entering a new era where autonomous driving is on the near horizon."

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