It's smokin'!

The Nissan Skyline has long been a favorite for enthusiasts to modify. This particular example, a 3rd generation (R32) coupe is just one of many that has gone under the knife. But instead of adding cold-air intakes or high-flow exhausts, this one has been completely electrified. Or should we say, "Teslafied?"

Souped up by Zero EV — a UK outfit that performs electric conversions and sells EV components in its online store — the Japanese sportscar has been completely gutted and fitted with the heart of the Tesla Model S drivetrain. The operation involved not just the motor, but rather the entire subframe that holds the motor and controller combo. It's a pretty sweet installation.

The onboard energy storage comes courtesy of a Chevy Volt battery, which has been stuffed under the hood. The car is fitted with a CCS Combo 2 connector and can fast-charge using a level 2 DC station. It also boasts a pair of Tesla onboard AC chargers which can allow it to suck up electricity at a rate of 22 kW.

As you can see in the video above, although the car is (somehow) road legal, it's really designed for vaporizing tires while going sideways. The ride quality, therefore, leaves much to be desired if driven on anything other than a track. When not slowed by the rear wheels spinning up clouds of smoke, acceleration appears to be pretty intense. Our hosts describe it as"vicious."

While the idea of a Teslafied Skyline drift car strikes us as a pretty fun vehicle, there's another toward the end of the video that looks at least as interesting. Besides a glance at a Porsche that is destined to receive the dual motor Tesla treatment, there is a beautiful looking Volkswagen Bus that we're told will be gifted with a 90 kWh Tesla battery and 400 horsepower motor (also, presumably, a Tesla unit).

While we keep our eyes peeled on these future developments, we invite you to check out our bonus videos below —  one showing the Tesla components, the battery, and charging equipment being bestowed, along with a short clip showing off the car's significant tire roasting abilities. Enjoy!


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