What a fantastic battery upgrade, compliments of Tesla.

We've been eagerly anticipating the conclusion to our friend Sean Mitchell's Tesla battery replacement story. As many of you know (and if not, you can check out the related video below), Sean bricked his used Tesla Model S battery mostly due to a lack of proper care. He has since admitted that and is using the situation as a means to educate people about proper EV battery care. Tesla batteries are known (and have been proven) to last a very long time in most cases. Sean's situation is an outlier, but fortunately for us, new electric car owners can learn from it and get many of their battery anxiety questions answered.

Sean has been waiting to have the battery replaced on his used Tesla Model S. It finally quit on him at around 130,000 miles after he fast-charged it to 100 percent multiple times a day for about three years. Sean's job requires many miles away from home, and his high-mileage 60-kWh battery pack just wasn't enough to provide the range he needed. His only choice was to hit up Superchargers a few times a day and further degrade the battery pack. Even if he did know better, he really didn't have another option. Good news! Now he does ...

Fast forward to this week and Sean has received his new battery from Tesla. Not only was it free of charge, but the automaker also gave him a 75-kWh pack. He had been previously told that it would likely be limited to 60 kWh, to mirror the pack it was replacing. However, Tesla decided to give Sean access the battery's full potential. Now, he will no longer have range issues, which will allow him to work his job and take better care of his new battery. Excellent!

We just spoke with Sean and he is enjoying the heck out of his new Tesla Model S battery. Nothing like another positive story for EV owners to share.

Check out the video above (Part 4) for all the details. Additionally, we've including Part 3 of the series below:

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