Does Tesla paint suck?

There's definitely a whole lot of negativity surrounding just about every aspect of Tesla vehicles. Conversely, most Tesla owners absolutely love their cars, along with just about everything the company is about. Not to mention automotive reviewers are all over the map with regards to their opinion about Tesla's cars. It's gotten incredibly difficult to sift through what's true and what's made up when it comes to reports all over the internet about Tesla vehicles' panel gaps, broken parts, cheap paint, etc.

Our friend DAErik is at it again. Sometimes it's silly antics, other times more in-depth information, and always loads of creativity, but most importantly his video shares are unique and informative. This time, Erik wants to prove whether or not Tesla paint sucks. It's quite clear that he loves his Tesla and he believes that the paint is up to snuff, but Erik aims to get a better idea of how the paint compares to that of other models.

Erik uses a paint thickness tester to check multiple Tesla vehicles. Then, he ventures out to other car manufacturers to see how the numbers compare. In the end, we know this test doesn't tell the whole story and there are many other factors related to a paint's chemical makeup and durability. However, it's compelling nonetheless. Erik puts all the numbers in a nice chart so that we can see the results. Watch the video to learn about his findings.

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How Does Tesla Paint Compare To Other Car Manufacturers?

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