The Sierra Club and Plug In America joined forces and released a special toolkit of EV promoting policies for state and local governments

It's a pretty handy overview of what can be done to leverage the plug-in market, without wasting time or money on a new analysis. The policies were prepared in the form of templates that can be downloaded and customized for the state, city or community.

Of course, different local communities will need different actions because in some places there are troubles with the charging infrastructure, while in others availability of models to choose from is an issue. Meanwhile, somewhere else the nation might see tax incentives as a preferred approach.

The incentives and actions should be tailor-made for the particular needs:

Sierra Club and Plug In America release the AchiEVe: Model State & Local Policies to Accelerate Electric Vehicle Adoption Toolkit

"This policy guide details the most effective policies for growing the electric vehicle (EV) market at the state, city, and local levels."

"The toolkit includes classic policies for EV drivers such as vehicle rebates, tax credits, and policies that permit access to the HOV lanes in a state, but also includes policies that expand access to charging infrastructure, address equity issues for disadvantaged communities, and promote consumer protection."

Mary Lunetta, Campaign Representative for Sierra Club’s Electric Vehicles Initiative and one of the main authors of the report said:

“The EV market is growing rapidly, but we need strong policy to support the markets transition from the early adopter phase into the mass market stage. This toolkit will help policymakers, utilities, and clean transportation advocates implement policies in their local communities that will expand electric vehicle adoption in ways that are both effective and equitable."

Katherine Stainken, Policy Director with Plug In America noted:

“Access to charging infrastructure is one of the greatest barriers to increased EV adoption. This toolkit looks at a number of ways to increase access and install more charging stations - not only through updating building codes, but also through innovative programs and partnerships, such as streetlight charging programs, utility investments, and right-of-way charging programs."

See full PDF here: AchiEVe: Model State & Local Policies to Accelerate Electric Vehicle Adoption POLICY TOOLKIT.

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