Project Loveday will rise again in an effort to promote electric cars and fight off the zombie horde.

If you recall, Project Loveday started with 10-year-old Bria Loveday reaching out to Elon Musk about holding a commercial contest. Bria, daughter of InsideEV's own Steven Loveday, proposed a contest where entrants submitted fan commercials. Twitter users would then vote on their favorite commercial. Her hope was a commercial would come out of it that engaged the general public and would show the unique benefits of a Tesla (or any EV) over traditional ICE vehicles.

While the entrants were excellent overall, Bria did not feel quite satisfied that the winning commercial accomplished her goal. Certainly, the cargo capacity, frunk and 0-60 speed are excellent selling points, but they do not showcase the unique benefits of Tesla Motors and Tesla Energy. Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) did an outstanding job with his commercial, but it didn't teach people why EVs are better than gas-powered cars for so many reasons.

So in order to focus on the perks of electric cars and solar energy, Bria and a team of creatives are looking to produce their own professional ad. The theme of the commercial is surviving the zombie apocalypse thanks to an electric car powered by 100% clean energy.

We know that the fear of a zombie apocalypse is something Elon Musk can relate to at least! No word yet if Musk's Zombie Factory near Pittsburgh, PA will provide zombie related services for the commercial.

Project lead Charles Baker comes from the advertising industry. Bastiaan Koch has been recruited to direct. Koch has worked on big budget films such as Ready Player One, Transformers, Star Wars, Iron Man and Pacific Rim (see video below). All those currently involved seem passionate about the project and the mission of Tesla to spark a renewable energy and electric vehicle revolution.

Bria had hoped to make her own commercial in the first place, but projects like this don't come cheap. In order to make her dream a reality, the project is currently seeking ideas, support, item donations, and crowdfunding via an Indiegogo campaign. If you're interested in learning more, helping the project get off the ground or spreading the word, you can check out the Project Loveday page at the link below.

Source: Project Loveday: Tesla Zombie Commercial

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