Cummins presented at the Battery Show Europe in Germany its latest battery modules and packs for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Cummins BP35E (35 kWh battery pack)

The company, mostly known for its diesel engines, is now investing $500 million into electrification over three years. It announced powertrain/battery products for trucks, buses and other equipment..

In the case of batteries, Cummins relies on Brammo, whose assets concerning battery storage were acquired in late 2017.

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The new modules and packs varies from several kWh to 35-74 kWh and are promised to be scalable for the size of particular vehicles:

  • BP74E (74 kWh battery pack)
  • BP35E (35 kWh battery pack)
  • BM44E (4.4 kWh battery module)
  • BM20E (2.0 kWh battery module)

"The portfolio includes battery packs and battery modules that can be integrated expertly with Cummins’ new electric and hybrid powertrain portfolio, providing customers with a broad range of flexible, scalable power solutions for small and large commercial applications."

<em>Cummins BM44E (4.4 kWh battery module)</em>

"Showcased at booth #545 include the BP74E (74 kWh battery pack), BP35E (35 kWh battery pack), BM44E (4.4 kWh battery module) and BM20E (2.0 kWh battery module). These Cummins-designed and built batteries utilize Li-ion technology with a high energy density and proprietary control technology maintaining a high battery performance for a longer zero emission range. The modular design allows the system to be scaled and aligned with the capability and duty cycle of the application. Cummins broad expertise ranges from low voltage packs (BM44E and BM20E) that power material handling applications to high voltage energy dense battery systems (BP35E and BP74E) that have the energy needed for long range buses and trucks.

Attendees can experience a wheeled loader powered by a Cummins Hybrid Power Plug In (HPP) system (a “REEV”), which combines battery power utilizing the BP35E with a compact engine-generator, using a 4-cylinder Stage V F3.8 engine. The high-density battery enclosure and engine can be sized to deliver the best balance between ultra-low emission and zero emission operation for a variety of equipment from mobile cranes to wheeled loaders."

Andrew Penca, General Manager, Battery Systems at Cummins said:

Cummins BM20E (2.0 kWh battery module)

“With a 100-year-long track record of powering our customers’ success, Cummins is leading the way in transforming the future of transportation with our cutting-edge lithium ion battery line up that’s part of  a diverse power portfolio. Cummins is committed to investing $500 million in electrification over three years. These investments include innovation of fully electric and hybrid power solutions that will serve our markets as they adopt electrification.”

“With our recent battery pack acquisitions in the United States and United Kingdom, Cummins now has unique Lithium ion battery pack design expertise across the entire energy storage spectrum. We are pleased to release this new lineup and showcase how we are using our century’s worth of deep customer and market expertise, as well as our robust global service network, to deliver electric and hybrid products tailored specifically to fit our customers’ needs.”

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