Professor John D. Kelly of the Weber State University (WSU) - Department of Automotive Technology, has released a great (although not in a 'edge of your seat' excitement kind of way) video about the lithium-ion battery found in the 4th generation Toyota Prius.

Most of the video is focused on the battery found in the conventional hybrid Prius, with some information also about NiMH, but there is also some coverage of the Prius Prime plug-in hybrid throughout, and a quick summary at the end (44:00 mark).

The Toyota Prius Prime uses five lithium-ion battery stacks.

Each consists of 19 cells (25 Ah) each (95 total and 8.8 kWh). Battery voltage is 351.5 V (95 times 3.7 V).  The Regular hybrid is equipped with two stacks of 28 cells (3.6 Ah) - 56 total and 745 Wh.

The cell chemistry between the two is different (the regular Prius requires more durable and power dense batteries, while Prime more energy dense), as well as the number of cells, but overall engineering seems similar.

Insights about the battery assembly should be handy in case of self-service or when building a new project with used Prius batteries.

"This episode covers High Voltage Hybrid Electrical Systems - Specifically the 4th generation Toyota Prius 207.2 Volt Li-Ion battery system. The 2017 Prius Prime battery is also discussed.

his topic is taught as part of our 4-year bachelor's degree program. For more information on the Weber Automotive program, visit:"

Toyota Prius Prime battery

Toyota Prius Prime battery

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