Is it difficult to manually open the falcon wing doors on your Tesla Model X if something malfunctions?

Of course Tesla has already thought this through, and the automaker's Emergency Response Guide provides instructions. However, how many people take a thorough look at said guide, and even practice? We know that this is not generally the case. Fortunately, nowadays you can learn just about anything on the internet, and YouTube can come in pretty handy. In this particular case, you can learn the safety technique and learn Mandarin Chinese at the same time.

You can see the wire to the right side of the speaker.

Tesla's emergency guide points out a pull cable intended to manually release the door from its latch system, in the event of an emergency. It's hidden inside the removable speaker cover, which is located in the front lower portion of the door. It has to be out of sight and out of reach, because manually releasing the door by mistake wouldn't be the best situation.

001 Xiaomage takes us through the simple process in the video. Though the wire is easy to access, the door is quite heavy. The YouTuber suggests that this is maybe something that people should practice ahead of an actual emergency. Surely, in a true dire situation, adrenaline would kick in and you would probably try just a bit harder to push the door away, but knowing what you're up against in advance is always a smart idea.

This information came to the forefront just recently, after news of a Tesla Model X that caught fire, and the falcon wings doors wouldn't open. Perhaps another message that we can learn from this is that is it your responsibility to read through the literature that accompanies your purchases, and be prepared for the worst, just in case.

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