Nissan LEAF brake fluid tester

Nissan recommends changing the brake fluid in the Nissan LEAF, on an annual basis (or every 15,000 miles). Nissan says that it has something to do with the regenerative braking system. We spoke with Nissan a few years back to clarify. At that time, it cost about $125 to have the service performed at a dealership.

Many cars, including the Chevrolet Volt, have brake fluid service intervals well over 100,000 miles. Being that Nissan feels it's important to assure that the braking system is in tip-top shape on a yearly basis, this Nissan LEAF brake fluid tester may be the answer. This way, instead of spending the money every year - whether or not the fluid actually needs to be changed - you can play it safe, and take care of it when necessary. It works much like the paper test strips that do the same thing, but is permanent, and much less messy.

If you find that your fluid needs to be changed, and you want to have a go at it yourself, check out the video below:

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