Earlier this morning, pictures of a new Tesla Model S refresh showing a redesigned front end began to circulate around the web via some early canvas releases at Tesla stores in Australia.   Now a full update is available.

New Look For The Model S

Curious to know more, we got in touch with Tesla about the update, and they filled us in on all the new details, while adding that the new changes are effective today for production at the company's Fremont assembly facility in California.

Tesla tells us they will be updating their website today to reflect the changes.  We of course will bring all those new pictures and press copy when available

Here is a summary of  the new features:

*- The front fascia and headlights of Model S now have a design similar to that found on Model X.

*- The Tesla HEPA air filtration system which was previously only available on Model X is now available on Model S too. The filter is 100 times more effective than all other premium automotive filters removing at least 99.97% of particulate exhaust pollution and effectively all allergens, bacteria and other contaminants from cabin air.

* -The standard charger in Model S is upgraded from 40 amps to 48 amps, enabling faster charging when connected to higher amperage charging sources.

* - Two new interior décor choices: Figured Ash Wood Décor and Dark Ash Wood Décor.

With the new look and some new features, the pricing of the Model S has also increased slightly across the trim levels, with the base Model S now starting $1,500 higher - from $71,500.

Tesla Model S Refresh Profile
Another Look At The Model S Refresh From Behind

Some of the new features (such as the new headlight assembly and filtration system) are inside a revised Premium upgrade package for $3,000:

Tesla Model S

In outlining the changes to us, a Tesla spokeperson also added a note about the future of the Model S:

"As always, we will continue to add new features and functionality to Model S through over-the-air software updates. And, as always, software updates are free throughout the life of the vehicle, making Model S (and Model X) the only cars that actually improve over time."

If You Already Have A Model S On Order In Tesla's System ... today is your lucky day!

As for those who have Model S orders in the system and are awaiting production, we have good news, as Tesla is sending out the following notice (below) to those affected - free design upgrades for everyone!:

At Tesla, we are relentlessly committed to making product improvements. Model S and Model X are unique in how much they get better over time, even after you buy them.

In this spirit, the Model S nose and headlights have been changed to be similar to the Model X. Because you have already placed your order, these will be applied to your Model S at no additional cost to you.

Your Model S delivery is on track and will not be impacted by these updates. Welcome to Model S – we know you're going to love it

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