In late 2015, Alphabet electric car leasing service AlphaElectric turned two years old.

After some 738 cars delivered in the first year, their portfolio now stands at 3,000, according to AlphaElectric's UK division.

It seems that there is a lot of demand to lease plug-in cars in Europe, especially from "educated organisations":

"Since the launch of its EV consultancy service, AlphaElectric two years ago, Alphabet has seen a dramatic increase in interest from organisations looking to incorporate electric vehicles within their corporate fleets. Since the end of last year, the number of EV’s on Alphabet’s portfolio has more than doubled to over 3,000 in total.

With demand for electric vehicles growing at a rapid pace, Alphabet has positioned itself at the forefront of the industry and is being recognised for leading the way in EV leasing. Currently over 1,000 of Alphabet’s customers have at least one electric vehicle within their fleet. Key customers including Panasonic, Gnewt Cargo and West Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust."

Daniel St Claire, e-Mobility Manager at Alphabet commented:

“Exceeding our 2015 EV target is not only proof that our Electric Vehicle vision is correct and that we were right to place our full backing behind electric vehicles, but also of the value that our AlphaElectric consultancy service brings to customers. Appetite among companies for electric cars and vans just keeps growing, especially as the price of EV’s continues to drop and misconceptions are dispelled. As a result, in 2016 we expect to see the orders of electric vehicles continue to increase significantly.”

“There is often misguided perceptions around range anxiety and the cost of Electric Vehicles. It’s Alphabets job to assess and prove the suitability of electric vehicles to a range of different customers, both in terms of funding and addressing practical requirements.

AlphaElectric helps fleet customers enhance their overall business mobility mix to include EV’s that support their traditional fleet. Alphabet’s in-house e-Mobility experts provide comprehensive advice and support to Fleet Managers on effective adoption of EVs, covering a range of areas from fleet analysis and vehicle selection to charging infrastructure and solutions to cover occasional long journeys. The service is marque neutral, ensuring businesses have the right solution and vehicle mix for individual business mobility needs.”

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