Plug-In Car Sales in China – February 2015 (source: <a href=

February was another strong month for plug-in electric car sales in China as almost 4,800 of them were sold, according to EV Sales Blog.

This is not the record, although growth year-over-year is still tremendous and the 10,000-unit mark has already been passed for 2015.

The leader of the market is BYD. Like in every other month, the automaker set a new record of Qin plug-in hybrid sales - 1,932. Step-by-step, Qin is approaching its ceiling of 2,000 units a month.

Total sales of Qin at the end of February stand at 18,732 (142 in December 2013, 14,747 in whole 2014 and 3,843 YTD in 2015). This year, BYD should be able to sell roughly 25,000 Qin in China.

On our graph, we add the numbers for e6 too, which is an all-electric car. After selling 1,544 in 2013 and 3,560 in 2014 (including December record of 1,128), BYD sold 699 e6 YTD 2015.

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