The Tesla Model S is hotter than hot in Norway.

How hot is it, you ask?

The Tesla Model S was the top-selling vehicle in Norway in September, but that doesn't begin to tell the whole story.

According the Reuters, some current Model S owners in Norway are posting their vehicles "For Sale" in the classifieds.

Quoting Reuters:

"One of those secondhand buyers, 27-years-old financial consultant Anders Langset, said a regular car with similar performance and engine size could have cost him up to 2 million crowns ($330,000) because of the punitive taxes Norway's government levies on cars with big, gas-guzzling engines."

Langset told Reuters this:

"I paid more for a second-hand car than I would have paid if I bought it when it was new, but the demand is so high that I am sure I would get my money back and then some if I sold it again today."

More Used Model S Sedan Listings in Norway

More Used Model S Sedan Listings in Norway

"I made a bet with my brother and father about who could get the car first, so I really enjoyed beating them."

These lightly used Model S sedans, most of which have less than 1,000 kilometers, are being offered at $10,000 to $20,000 (or around $120,000 to $130,000) over MSRP for a new Model S.

Norwegians are so eager to get the Model S though that some are unwilling to wait 5 months for delivery from Tesla.

The "used" market is making up for this Model S shortage (see right of screen for partial list of used Model S listings).

The Model S retail for $110,000 to $117,000 in Norway, which is roughly $100,000 less (due mostly to tax breaks on electrics) than a comparable BMW or Mercedes-Benz.

As for that recent Model S fire, that's had virtually no impact on Norwegian demand for the Model S.  Joar Tenfjord, head of Tesla's dealership in Bergen, Norway, told Reuters this:

"We have had some questions from customers but it appears to have been a one-off and it has in no way reduced demand."

Source: Reuters

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