Get Your Innova Dash Today Starting From $9,995

It's no golf cart.  It's not a "real" automobile either.  It slots somewhere in between.

The Innova Dash is like a pumped-up golf cart or a downsized and down on power automobile.

Marta Cyhan, Innova's US managing director, explains the Dash like this:

"It’s meant to be more of a third-car option than a primary vehicle.  This is for people to try out, rather than complete substitution."

dash 2

Hmm...okay.  So, Cyhan thinks we want to "try out" a $9,995 electric vehicle?

Illinois-based Innova says it'll start taking orders immediately for the Dash and that deliveries will begin this October.  Production will be limited to approximately 100 in the initial run.

Top speed is listed at 35 mph, which is rather common for low-speed electric vehicles or NEVs.  However, its range of up to 90 miles is well beyond what one would expect out of this type of vehicle.  That range comes courtesy of the optional lithium-ion battery setup, which bumps the vehicle's base price up to $13,000.  The standard lead-gel battery offers 45 miles of range

Innova says the Dash is an "urban electric vehicle," but in that category are vehicles like the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive, which of course is far more capable than the Dash.

Source: LA Times

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