Nismo Spec 2013 Nissan LEAF

Always wanted to make your LEAF look a little more special?  How about make it just a little faster?

If so, Nismo Japan has you covered.

Nismo is offering a full body kit and more sports-tuning for the LEAF in either fiber-reinforced plastic or wet carbon starting at 785,400 yen for the base FRP version and 995,400 yen for the "wet carbon spec" trim level.

For those of you not immediately familar with the yen to dollar exchange rates, that is $8,025$10,175.

For that you get:

Around $10,000 Will Transform Your LEAF Into Something Truly Uncommon

Nismo says that all these parts used in conjunction "improve driving performance with minimal impact on the power consumption of the vehicle."

Nismo'd VCM

If you are interested in just the performance improvement aspect of the Nismo, you can get your LEAF a new sport-tuned VCM (Vehicle Control Module) for a more thrifty 136,500 yen ($1,385 USD).

If you only want the aero kit, that comes to between 543,900 yen to 753,900 (carbon fiber), or $5,560 to $7,710 USD.

Interestingly while they state this reprogram allows you to "enjoy sports driving more, (while improving) accelerating force," the ECO mode has also been reprogrammed to "further stretch the cruising distance."  

Basically, in normal mode the car is estimated to shave a second or so off the 0-60 time, but ECO will net you more miles overall...although we imagine the ECO mode is perhaps even a little less enjoyable to drive in the Nismo LEAF over the standard one (if that is possible).

Nismo also is offering some other accessories sold as individual pieces:

Carbon pillar garnish ($320), Mirror Cover-Carbon ($300), Multi-Function Hydrophilic Coated Mirrors ($200), Floor Mat Set w/Nismo Embroidery ($285)

Also sold seperately from the Nismo package is the 18" wheels from $450 USD a pop and the sport suspension kit from $1,070.

Naturally because a lot of these products are fairly cool, they will not be offered through Nissan North America or Nissan Europe - only in Japan.  Nismo chief Shoichi Miyatani has said in the past that if the product is received well, Nismo will consider offering it in other countries.

Although, US availability or not, we are fairly sure that won't stop anyone who really wants a full Nismo LEAF upgrade (or just a new VCM upgrade) from acquiring it from their local aftermarket tuning shop for a little extra mark-up.

Nismo press (Japanese)

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