Leaked Photo Shows Next-Gen Tesla Roadster Next To Tesla Semis


Is this within a Tesla research and development facility?

This image, posted late last week, captured the next-generation Tesla Roadster in the foreground and two Tesla Semis in the background.

Here’s the Tweet.

Outside of the unveiling, and a sighting or two here and there, a next-gen Roadster spotting is still quite rare. To the best of our knowledge, only a few driveable Roadsters exist, as it’s still some years away from production.

The Tesla Semis seen in the image appear to be the same two that have been spotted at multiple locations across the country now.

We’re excited for the eventual arrival of both the Roadster and the Semi, but with it’s crazy impressive specs (see below), the new Roadster is the one that truly thrills us.

  • 7,376 pound-feet of torque
  • 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds
  • 0-100 mph in 4.2 seconds
  • Quarter mile in 8.8 seconds
  • 250+ mph top speed
  • 620 miles of highway range
Elon Musk with the new Tesla Roadster at the electric semi reveal event.
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New Tesla Roadster Tesla Roadster Tesla Roadster Tesla Roadster Tesla Roadster and Tesla Semi at the recent reveal event New Tesla Roadster

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The semi is more thrilling as a product that actually looks to advance the cause of sustainable transportion and the reduction of GHG and pollution.

The Roadater, is just yet another toy for the ultra wealthy.

Another product to getba captial raise

The Roadster is a toy, but it makes EVs look good. It’s great PR.

Bingo! While nearly 100% of my interest in EVs is driven by sustainability and climate change concerns, I try hard to remember that different vehicles can contribute to “the cause” in different ways. A high volume EV that displaces a lot of gasoline consumption across a major economy is a very good thing, as are electric buses and semis. I get much less enthusiastic about luxury PHEVs, because almost all of them have short battery ranges and will be owned by people who won’t be bothered to plug them in after the first few weeks. It’s easy and a mistake to dismiss something like the new Roadster based on its small production numbers. It’s an aura car for both Tesla and EVs overall. As I keep stressing here, we plug-heads have a lot of educating to do among the general population, especially in the US. I routinely run into people who [1] have no idea you can actually buy an EV today, or [2] assume all EVs are glorified golf carts that “can’t go in snow” (actual claim I’ve heard) or “can’t be driven on a highway” (ditto). Flashy, high-performance EVs that the average consumer can’t begin to afford still… Read more »

Think about it this way then….It is a set of performance figures you usually need to spend a Million $$ or More to get, on sale, for under 1/4 the price, plus – it will drive further on a charge, quite likely, that those same supercars.

Plus, it is a good drive train to change the speed gearing for torque gearing – for the Pickup, when it comes! Should be able to make it capable of towing at least 10,000 Lbs., is likely a great way to get there.

I have seen so little real information about the two pick up trucks that the semi was pulling, the semi itself, and the new roadster. By this time in the stage there was far more technical detail for the first roadster. But Tesla’s plate seems a bit full at the moment, what with service centers having plenty of work to do.

Yes, and carbon reduction is nice, but, the big thing is the cancerous diesel particulate that Semi’s SPEW all over the place.

Rates of asthma and Autism in children are correlated to diesel exhaust.

The roadster is proof that electric vehicles are just as good, and better than gas, petroleum, natural gas, etc vehicles. Quicker, faster, and stronger than all gas supercars in a similar price range. A way to help show “red-blooded Americans” who will never respect a Prius that electric vehicles are in fact the better option. Not just a toy.

I doubt the photo was “leaked”. Very few people have access to top secret areas, This looks like a well positioned photo shoot meant to be released. If it was not meant to be released, they would know who took the photo and they would be terminated.

He should have used a real camera, though.

It wouldn’t have that authentic “leaked” quality.

Photo looks to have been taken in Hawthorne design center. Looks great… looking forward to more rollouts and new vehicles once the factory escapes production hell.

I think this car will do great as a halo car for them and the entire EV industry.

Agreed, its awesome looks don’t hurt it none either.

One of the most beautiful cars ever.

It plays it’s role of reducing pollution in the Ferrari, Porsche, <aserati, Lamborghini segment. These are big V8, V10, V12 engines that are quite efficient at turning gas into massive acceleration, and big gas bills.

A small population, but when they run the produce outsized pollution.

Just more Tesla Distraction Chaff (TDC). Here is the story to follow:

‘Tesla will post its financial results for the first quarter of 2018 after market close on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018.
Investor Relations website

What: Date of Tesla Q1 2018 Financial Results and Q&A Webcast
When: Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018
Time: 2:30pm Pacific Time / 5:30pm Eastern Time
Shareholder Letter: http://ir.tesla.com
Webcast: http://ir.tesla.com (live and replay)

I see that our latest serial anti-Tesla shorter troll is continuing his distraction and diversion FUD campaign here as he tries to take the focus off the big picture of Tesla’s incredible growth rate as the brand synonymous with high-mid range BEVs.

Please Mr. Troll, liquidate all your assets and put them into more short positions so we laugh at you when you lose your ass!

Not interested loser!
This is an ev site not SA. Get the f out of here!

Amazingly enough, most of those interested in EVs are far more interested in Tesla’s cars, and the performance of Tesla, the company, than in TSLA, the stock.

Too bad about you.

Thanks for the “leaked” eye candy, Tesla!

Anyone who still thinks the Roadster has a “double stack” of 2170 cells needs to draw a line from the center of the front wheel hub to the center of the rear hub. That’s your floor height, LOL.

Anyone who is “sure” the 2020 Roadster does not have a double stack of 100 kWh packs under the floor should read the discussion on the Tesla Motors Club forum:


Note particularly the comment:

“The Electrek editor who took a ride said the floor felt 6-8 inches higher than the original Roadster, so it could be a conventional double-stack pack.”

Dumb comment. The original roadster had ZERO batteries in the floor.

I’ve read the threads. I’ve also watched videos of people getting in and out. Specifically, Franz getting out at the launch event. That floor is perhaps 2-3″ higher than my Elise. Not even enough for a single Model S battery. Could be a “thin stack” of 2170s but my guess is pouch or prismatic cells.

Why do you assume that the car showed at the event was anything but a shell, a prototype that had nowhere near the tech or battery of the final product?

@Mark.ca said: “Why do you assume that the car showed at the event was anything but a shell,,,”

Perhaps because at the Roadster reveal event (aka Semi reveal event) Tesla provided multiple Roadster test rides (for Roadster deposit holders that placed a deposit at the event) which included for each ride launching the Roadster 0-60 ~1.9sec:



I’ve repeatedly said the event car was a prototype. It’s a real design with production dimensions and power train, but the final product will have next generation cells (e.g. SolidEnergy, etc.). For now they’re testing with lab-made cells and/or 40-50 kWh of high power (e.g. Toshiba SCiB) which match the size, weight and power output of the next-gen chemistry.

Why else would they wait 3+ years between reveal and first sale? That only took 16 months for Model 3 and as a low volume specialty car Roadster needs an order of magnitude less production engineering. If it truly used double-stackd 2170s they could sell it this year. No need to wait. Also no need to charge $250k.

Roadster is a “smackdown” car, designed to showcase future technology that no one else has. Double-stacking P100D batteries would make it a 2500 kg clown car.

“That floor is perhaps 2-3″ higher than my Elise. Not even enough for a single Model S battery.” Good to see an opinion which is actually informed on this subject, thanks! My Google-fu failed to find the exact height of a Model S/X battery pack — just a bunch of estimates — but I did find an ebay auction that listed the interior modules as 3″ high. So with the casing, it’s probably something like 3.5″-4″ high. As one commenter on TMC pointed out, double-stacked just means the battery cells inside would be double-stacked, it doesn’t mean they literally stacked two MS/MX 100 kWh battery packs on top of each other. I dunno; I wasn’t there, I didn’t ride in the car, and I don’t have an informed opinion. Most of the people expressing an opinion on the matter weren’t, either. But you have at least spent some time watching videos to find the answer, which puts you ahead of almost everyone else expressing an opinion on the subject! But I still say there is probably plenty of room behind the seats and under the hood for 200 kWh of 2170 batteries, if Tesla wants to avoid putting any under… Read more »

Where will be the battery of that thing? Where should be for more grip and better acceleration?

The lower, the better. That’s why the Model S, Model X and Model 3 all have a flat battery pack under the floor.

But as you can see just from comments here, there is a lot of argument over where Tesla has put the battery pack(s) in the 2020 Roadster.

However, I will point out that the 2008 Roadster had the batteries all in a pack behind the seats, and that pack had the batteries stacked so high that the pack was almost square in cross-section. That didn’t prevent the 2008 Roadster from having very good handling. So I don’t think it’s impossible that Tesla might distribute the batteries with some behind the seats of the 2020 Roadster, and some under the hood.

Do I see a Model Y prototype behind the black Tesla Semi?

Lets call it “published” instead of “leaked” .