Honda E Prototype To Spawn Into Family Of Small Electric Cars

MAR 2 2019 BY MARK KANE 16

More cute tiny EVs coming to us from Honda.

The recently presented Honda e Prototype is just a preview of the production version of a small city electric car, scheduled for market launch by the end of 2019.

It would be a waste to develop a new EV platform for A- and B-segment and to stop at a single model, so it’s only a matter of time before the Japanese manufacturer will introduce more small EVs. Honda e prototype project manager Kohei Hitomi confirmed that the platform could be used for a range of EVs.

The next model could be sporty two-seater Honda Sports EV Concept, which already attracted a lot of positive comments in 2017. With rear-wheel drive and decent power output, it could be fun to drive EV.

β€œIt can be any car. It can be a sporty car or a box-type car. Personally, I’d very much welcome a sporty car on that platform.”
We’d welcome more electric Hondas. However, we’d like to see them come with range of 150 miles or more and to be sold here in the U.S.

Source: Autocar

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Can Honda make EV’s as popular as the Chevy Sprint was, when it came out, back in 1995? I ended up in a Nissan Micra, since a Sprint was already hard to get, as it sold out like Monday Morning Coffee!

A 100 Mile Range EV, for $15,000 to $20,000 would be an interesting space point, among EV”s!

They have something in this regard: Clarity EV

Why do they have to look weird

They’re concept cars. They always look weird.

Hey, look- it’s yet ANOTHER concept.

The Urban EV became the Honda E, which is entering production within the next year. I am pretty sure this car is confirmed for production as well, and might actually make the US. A fun little RWD sporty car.

Don’t hold your breath. Still waiting for the Honda Fit EV availability in Pennsylvania.

Huh? The Fit EV was explicitly a compliance car, sold only in Japan and the US CARB ZEV mandate states, and only on lease… Only a few thousand were ever made, and it was discontinued _FOUR_ years ago. Why would you expect it to be available anywhere now?

(Yes, there were rumors almost a year ago that Honda may launch a new electric Fit (a.k.a. Jazz outside the US) in 2020, based on the E Prototype’s drivetrain, but AFAIK, Honda hasn’t said anything officially on it, so that’s irrelevant for now.)

If only there were a better way to show something that’s not ready for production… πŸ˜‰

They need to double the battery size actually. Who the heck needs a “Family of Cars” with such paltry range? Honda needs to enter the 21st century already!

What is the claimed range?

125 mile WTLP

Why not use Panasonic batteries that have been proven to give Tesla long range with these Honda new E models? Does it come down to the space under the floor to install one of these or something else?

I can see the aftermarket going nuts on these like the do the Civics and other Hot Hatches, go Honda!

Looks great. Not sure about “cute” though..

I can’t see the rest but I’d definitely want to rent a car like this once in a while

I’ll bet it will be five years, or more, before Honda releases an EV to the US market. 2019 was supposed to be the year of many EV offerings. Besides Tesla and Nissan we still only have what amounts to overpriced low volume compliance cars.