GreenPower EV Star CarGO Van With Huge Payload Revealed


A big electric van that’s able to carry big loads.

The EV Star CarGO Van is an all-electric 25-foot cargo van with a capacity of more than 570 cubic feet, a payload of up to 6,000 pounds and a range of up to 150 miles.

When you talk about EVs, most people immediately jump to the conclusion and think of passenger cars. However, for some, the cargo-hauling EVs are going to be the real game changer – once they hit the world’s street in sufficient numbers. And it seems that GreenPower Motor Company Inc., a Canada-based manufacturer of electric buses, has the same idea.

Just recently, the company revealed the EV Star CarGO Van, featuring some impressive specifications. Based upon the GreenPower’s 25′ electric EV Star bus, the vehicle brings both the range and the hauling capacity that many delivery companies will love.

The EV Star CarGO Van is an all-electric 25-foot cargo van. It comes with a cargo hauling capacity of more than 570 cubic feet, it can haul a payload of up to 6,000 pounds, and comes with an operational range of up to 150 miles. All on a single charge. Furthermore, the vehicle can be configured with either a Level 2 or a CCS DC Fast charge system, covering two widespread industry charging systems at once.

Add the standard flatbed, completely unobstructed cargo loading opening and this vehicle is perfect for a wide variety of cargo handling operations. These could range from small shop deliveries, mail hauling to end customers, package pickups and everything in between.

According to plans revealed in August 2018, GreenPower aims to triple its production capacity with the lease of 50,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Porterville, California, in order to meet the enhanced demand for their vehicles. And with so many states pushing ever stricter emission level regulations and some even debating closing down city centers to ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) powered vehicles, delivery vans like the GreenPower EV Star CarGO Van will definitely come in handy in the future.

Source: Green Car Congress

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Seems like every time a credible EV supplier presents a product, a line of customers forms, just waiting to get one. Is this some sort of a trend?

good luck to EV star.
This is EXACTLY what is needed.
A spot-on van, combined with a new company.

More info. No price listed. Claims up to 200 mile range with 95 kWh pack.

Would mske a nice motor home.

Agreed, looks like a great mobile home base.

If you can fit 1.5kw of thin film solar panels on the roof, you’d be able to add 15 miles range a day without ever plugging in.


Do Not Read Between The Lines


It’s a conversion, so it won’t be cheap. At least for consumers… there are probably some high use business corner cases where it could be economically viable.

And more specs and maybe some pics other than the inside of the cargo bay?