This Ford F-150 Pickup Truck Hides Electric Secret: It’s A Rivian R1T


Sightings are apparently very common in the Detroit, Michigan area.

And those who see it think it’s nothing more than some sort of odd-looking Ford F-150.

But they are dead wrong.

If you spot a Ford F-150 pickup truck that looks a bit odd, there’s a reason. It’s not a Ford at all. It is, in fact, a Rivian R1T electric truck.

Hiding beneath the exterior is the bones of a Rivian R1T electric pickup truck. Apparently, there are dozens of these trucks out testing in and around Detroit.

Rivian has selected the F-150 because it doesn’t stand out (it’s the #1 selling truck in the U.S.) Since the F-150 is such a common sight, few would think twice upon seeing one on the roads. That makes it a perfect donor vehicle for testing the upcoming Rivian R1T out in the real world.

We’ve spotted the R1T disguised as a Ford F-150 once while it was charging and then again doing some off-road testing, but we’ve yet to see it just out and about on the streets.

We’ve seen a plug-in Ford F-150 too, but that’s a Ford project that is unrelated to Rivian.

So, keep your eyes peeled for these plug-in F-150s. There are two types, one of which is not a Ford, but both are electric trucks.

Now we wonder, how does Rivian disguise its R1S electric SUV?

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Source: Detroit Free Press

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47 Comments on "This Ford F-150 Pickup Truck Hides Electric Secret: It’s A Rivian R1T"

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Obscuring wrap = Ford’s effort. Unobscured = Rivian’s.

So true

Good to see 21st century guts in an F150.

Did I miss something in the article about why it “looks odd” ?

Well, for starters, it’s plugged in, at a charging point.
So I would say, yes, you missed something, or at least one thing.

No, I got that, but sounded like they thought it looked odd while just driving around. 🙂

Extended cab with a short box would be a clue even from far away

Ah, ok. Guess I don’t know my Ford products!

Odd because it’s a “Rivford”…. lol. 🙂

Is the Rivian F150 disguise complete with tail pipes? I wonder what Ford’s inner circle are saying since Ford has no plans to electrify their #1 seller.

There are quite a few articles to the contrary…

Actually they do have plans too, and have made such announcements.
“We’re going to be electrifying the F-Series — battery electric and hybrid,” Jim Farley, Ford president of global markets, said Wednesday during a presentation at the Deutsche Bank Global Automotive Conference in the MGM Grand in Detroit.

“…since Ford has no plans to electrify their #1 seller”

And you know this to be true because you know the top people at Ford and they told you in private about the “no plans” part.

If you haven’t followed the news, the prior top honcho (aka Mark Fields) at Ford lost his job as the board of directors was unhappy with his performance on (future) electrified vehicles.

The tailpipe would be just about the right size to fit a J1772 socket. That way you could charge it no matter how it was parked.

I’d imagine it goes like “hey guys? Wanna go halvesies on a truck?”

Can I buy the rivian ford hybrid? Ford became the #1 seller because of the cab and interior imo…

F150 sells so well because it does what it is supposed to do so well.
Tough as fk and huge value in a non-controversial package.
I still think a rivian based F150 is a possibility

This pic/”news” is about six months old. Note the leaves on the trees. So in other words, this is not news.

There’s nothing in the article saying that that picture is current. They’re saying the sightings are becoming more common. InsideEVs evidently preferred to use an older picture for this article, for whatever reason. Maybe they already have the rights to use it and don’t want to acquire a new picture.


Considering both articles have the same author…I think he’s just trying to create news, when there’s none to be found.

Actually if the statement about
“ dozens” of these are in use, would be definitely notable news.

Is that 24?, 36? That’s serious prototype running if true!

In regard to testing the Rivian Suv there is no need as both vehicles use the same chassis, but then maybe you were making a subtle joke.

Actually, I’d just keep an eye out for a similarly odd looking Explorer. But your are right about not needing to do a special SUV version.

This gets me hard.

This indicates to me that Rivian has “Already Sold” every truck that it can produce ! (To Ford that is*) ……. *** 🙂 ***

Fix_Or_Recharge_Daily — new FORD moniker.

But we already know what both the Rivian R1T and R1S look like, so don’t they have those driving around in Michigan?
Besides, we already know they have test vehicles driving around Colorado, and those aren’t made to look like Ford’s are they…
Also, I am interested in knowing if Rivian could strike a deal with Tesla, to use the Supercharger network, that would be great, a 400-mile range SUV(R1S), but it’s got actual SUV proportions(not crossover ones) and capability(10,000lb rated/legal/safe towing capacity), all it needs now is a reliable 250kW charging system(because most CCS chargers are 24 or 50kW, although EA is making inroads with their 150kW and 350kW chargers, even after deployment, they the still won’t match the Supercharger network…)

I hope Rivian has a charging network to match their “adventure lifestyle” BEVs. In a Rivian video, one of their BMS engineers talks about looking forward to driving a Rivian to Moab, UT. This type of long-distance travel is possible if Rivian adopts the Tesla charging infrastructure. If Rivian adopts the VW charging infrastructure, yet to be built non-urban areas, it will be years after Rivian vehicles are for sale that this is possible.

My purchase of a Tesla Y, Rivian RT1, Volvo Polestar 2, or Mission E Cross Turismo will be heavily influenced by the ability to drive long distances.

They using the F150 units to test the skateboard and for software development.

The Rivian bodies are hand made and very expensive, so unlikely to see many until they have are least stamping capability up & running at the factory.

I just like the way Rivian does things, well thought out and thorough.

ermahgerd issa ferd!!

Kenneth Bokor (EV Revolution Show)

Eric, is this info from Rivian directly or is this just speculation? It’s a brilliant idea if true.

Kenneth Bokor (EV Revolution Show - YouTube)

Ok, I looked at the Source you quoted: Detroit Free Press and this is what the article stated:

“Despite that approach, Rivian’s hardware has been a regular presence on Detroit area roadways, Scaringe said.

The company’s skateboards, which carry the electric vehicle batteries and key components, have been hidden underneath used Ford F-150 bodies as they have undergone testing.

“We need something to keep the weather out while we put a lot of miles on our skateboard, so they’re driving around in Detroit right now, too. They’re all over the place, but nobody knows. We’re very quiet about that,” Scaringe said, noting that there’s no corporate connection to Ford. The wheelbase just happens to be the right size.”

So it’s the skateboard that they are testing within the bellies of the F150 beasts. As I said earlier, brilliant! Hope their thermal management is being tested during this very cold winter we have had/are still having in many places especially Michigan. Should give them great data!

The starting price is only slightly above a fully loaded F-150.
Is there an oil problem I haven’t heard about? Is something going to replace the F-150 as the #1 selling vehicle in the next 20 years? Why are we talking about this?

Because electric trucks are better

I hope they are testing in Florida.

I thought one objective of the Rivian business plan was to offer their customized for client skateboard drivetrain to fit client’s (Ford) autoframe!

Chargeport should be in front of the car. With european fast chargers – short cables, one cannot reach/charge the car.

Rivian needs to stay away from GM don’t forget how killed the electric car.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

They killed the Volt too!!

All the Trolls used to hate Volt for “not being an electric car”. So, it is fitting that GM killed it.

Park it in a Tesla spot and plug it in to really get the entitled to have a stroke.

Ford trick you guys all saying that they had proto EV 150

Old news.

wouldn’t these be more likely to be around the Normal, IL plant where they’ll be made?

The company headquarters is located in Plymouth, Michigan. That’s where the bulk of activity is happening at this point. There is a small Factory in that building, as well as all of their corporate offices and such. I believe they are still readying the factory in Normal.

For all of you commenting about Ford not electrifying the F-150 I guess you missed the sentence that states they have seen a plug in F-150 that is not related to the Rivian project.