With the proliferation of electric vehicles gaining speed, a lot of things having to do with transportation need to be updated. Tires, for instance, are one major vehicle component that has to evolve to meet the needs of modern EVs. That’s why tire manufacturer Sailun has launched Erange EV, one of the first electric-vehicle-specific tire brands to hit the market. 

EVs present unique challenges for tires. They’re much heavier than gas-powered vehicles because of their batteries and their electric motors make considerably more torque; those two factors can lead to accelerated wear for a typical set of tires. 

Sailun eRange Tires

Efficiency, Through Science 

An EV’s overall efficiency is also extremely sensitive to things like a tire’s rolling resistance. Standard tires usually trade lower rolling resistance for increased grip, so they just won’t cut it on an electric vehicle and can actually lead to poorer EV performance than what you’re used to.

Erange has conquered these challenges and more with its new EV-specific tire line. It starts at the beginning with manufacturing where Sailun has developed a new, proprietary technology known as EcoPoint3. This technology uses an advanced manufacturing process of Liquid Phase Mixing, which creates reduced rolling resistance and will allow EVs to travel further on a single charge. EcoPoint3 allows Erange to match or exceed the performance of many leading tire brands across the three key functional attributes of rolling resistance, wear resistance and overall grip. 

Erange tires also have reinforced sidewalls for increased load-bearing capacity to better handle the extra weight of EVs, which also gives them excellent handling and cornering characteristics. At the same time, they also feature Sailun’s proven ‘Silent Tread’ technology to keep road and tire noise down – an especially important trait for EVs that run whisper quiet. 

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Erange EV + Tesla

How do they perform in practice? Extremely well, according to the numbers. Erange claims a Tesla Model 3 will go seven percent farther wearing a set of its tires compared to what comes from the factory. That equals approximately 25 miles of extra range for a Model 3 Long Range!

Just remember, not all EV tires are created equally. In some cases, tire manufacturers have made minor tweaks to existing products for Evs. Whereas Sailun has created Erange tires from the ground up to be meet the unique challenges and demands of EV drivers. 

Erange EV tires are available in over 30 popular sizes from 15 inches up to 22 inches, covering 80 percent of EVs on the road today. Find the right tires for your EV at Erangetires.com.

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