The Kia EV6 shares its E-GMP underpinnings, battery and powertrains with the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the Genesis GV60. Each vehicle gets its own unique tuning, so power outputs are different, as is the range and the way the vehicles feel, but the thing is all seem to be quite good.

So how do you choose which of the three Korean EVs would be best for you? Well, according to information presented in this first drive video uploaded by Roadshow, the Kia EV6 is the sportiest feeling out of the three and it also has looks to match. They had a chance to briefly drive the EV6 in Las Vegas, atop a multistorey parking garage, but even if it was a short encounter, they say it was ‘thrilling.’

They tried out both the 218 horsepower rear-wheel drive model with the long range 77.4 kWh battery pack, as well as the dual-motor all-wheel drive model with 313 horsepower and the same battery. Both felt really good and agile around the cones, but it was the twin-motor version that really had enough go to match the sharp handling.

Do bare in mind that the 218 horsepower version is not the base car - the entry level EV6 has a single 167 horsepower electric motor driving the rear wheels and a smaller 58 kWh battery pack; that model was not available when they tested the EV6, though, but we don’t expect it to be any more fun than the more powerful versions.

We also got to drive the EV6 in Europe in prototype form and reviewer Kyle Conner was really impressed by just how much car you get for the money. Just like most others who have experienced an EV6 thus far (the Roadshow review above included), he really liked the vehicle.

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