Kyle Conner and Alyssa recently visited one of the most beautiful places on Earth. They drove through some famous mountain passes in Norway. While Kyle has driven the Tesla Model Y before, this particular Tesla crossover was built at the automaker's Shanghai Gigafactory.

We've heard various claims about Tesla's made-in-China vehicles. Some people say that the China-made Model 3 and Model Y have better build quality and fit and finish than the vehicles Tesla builds in Fremont, California.

Kyle and Alyssa drove the Model Y about 1,000 kilometers over a day and a half. While showing us the breathtaking views, Kyle talks about the Model Y. Is it different than the US version? If so, how? What's his take on its build quality?

Even though Kyle has driven and reviewed the Model Y in the past, he's had requests to talk about the updates to the crossover. Remember, Tesla recently updated the Model 3 to follow suit with the Model Y, though the Model Y also received some updates around the same time. It's interesting to see the interior, as well as learn what Kyle and Alyssa think of the car as a whole.

As far as fit and finish are concerned, this Model Y is pristine. While Kyle isn't thrilled with the Model Y's rough ride quality, he continues to insist that it's easy to drive, spacious, and incredibly quiet inside.

Kyle admits that while he's taken a greater interest in many other EVs aside from Tesla, he's just continually impressed by what Tesla has done. The company just has EVs figured out. If Kyle and Alyssa were to recommend an EV to a newbie, the Model Y would be a solid option since everything is just so straightforward and simple.

The two have plenty to share, so be sure to check out the video for all the details. On the Out of Spec Reviews channel, Kyle provided a list of topics and timestamps:

0:00 - Hello & Welcome
0:55 - Interior / Exterior Tour
10:55 - Driving Model Y
21:50 - Final Thoughts

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