Ford recently hosted a "Ford Electrification" event at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. In fact, just the other day we shared a video with you about the $39,000 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro, which is the base, commercial model of Ford's upcoming electric pickup truck.

Fast-forward to the present, and we have another video for you that showcases Ford's new E-Transit van, which is also fully electric. YouTube channel Town and Country TV was on hand for the event and enjoyed the opportunity to check out multiple upcoming electric vehicles. Moreover, Ford took folks on test rides of both the Lightning and E-Transit. 

The host makes it clear that the first model he checks out is a "very early pre-production model Cutaway Electric Van." Essentially, the van can be customized with an aftermarket bed at the customer's request. The van has a 12-inch touch screen, redundant physical buttons, and a rotary dial for safety.

Town and Country TV also got to compare the Cutaway E-Transit to an E-Transit with a Ford body. Arguably more interesting is that Ford took the reviewers for a test ride. The channel shared:

"Ford took us for a test drive where I was pleased with the in-vehicle coaching which is very beneficial for business owners who will be allowing employees to drive the van."

"Ford has done a great job at allowing fleet management by providing valuable information that can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet."

As a whole, the vans were quite impressive, as were Ford's other electric vehicles. While the video isn't too long, the channel provides a breakdown of topics and timestamps for viewers who want to hone in on something specific. They are as follows:

0:00 Intro
0:29 Cutaway Walkaround
2:29 Inside
5:36 Test Drive
8:19 Transit Walkaround
10:32 Fleet Details

Hopefully, the day will come sooner rather than later when all (or at least most) fleet companies begin to see the benefits of switching to electric vehicles. However, for that to happen, there need to be compelling options available, and Ford plans to make that happen.

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