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Bugatti and Rimac 

Love at first sight…a match made in heaven…two peas in a pod…we can roll out all of the old cliches for this one! Oh man, it’s exciting! 

Yes, the rumors are official now…The Croatian electric supercar maker, Rimac, has joined forces with Porsche and Bugatti in a joint venture that will be called Bugatti-Rimac. Now the companies have had a relationship for a few years already, with shares of Rimac being held since 2018, but this new venture solidifies that. Porsche will own 45% of the company with Rimac holding on to 55%. But bear in mind that Porsche still owns nearly a quarter of Rimac directly. 

The new venture will have headquarters in Zagreb in Croatia, and Mate Rimac will stay on as the new venture’s CEO. In the short term at least, they will continue to produce the Chiron in France, and the all-electric Nevera will join soon. 

Moscow ends diesel bus purchase  

We always try mix it up a little on this channel, and our next story does just that. We’re heading to Russia…and we’re not even going to mention a car!  

Yes, the city of Moscow is going electric…at least for its bus network. Now, Mosgortrans, the company that operates Moscow’s bus and tram network already has 600 electric buses on the road, which is more than any other European city. They have said that they are not buying any more Diesel buses. They are projecting to have 1,000 electric buses on the road by the end of the year, and 3,000 in 2024. 

The pace will continue, as Kamaz, the largest supplier of buses has launched a new assembly plant for EVs, and is expected to produce up to 500 units annually.  

And if you’re wondering how the batteries cope in winter…never fear, they use Lithium-titanate-oxide chemistry that has a lower power-density ratio, but handles temperature extremes better and can charge faster.  

BMW iX starts production  

And sticking with production beginnings, we’re going to talk about the BMW iX. Well, following around a €400 million investment into their plant at Dingolfing, BMW has begun production on the iX, their luxurious all-electric SUV. They expect that it will be one of the highest volume models coming out of the factory by next year. 

This is a huge step forward for the German manufacturing giant. They made an excellent start with the i3 that we all know so well, but then stuttered for many years. With the iX starting, and the i4 following soon after, it’s now an exciting time for the BMW electric push! 

Tesla Cybertruck gets rear-wheel steering 

Time for a bit of Tesla news…and we’re going to cheat again by rolling two stories into one! First up is a tweet from Elon Musk updating us on the Cybertruck. They’ve decided to add rear-wheel steering to the production vehicle. We’re not yet sure what the full capabilities will be, but it’s a very interesting addition! 

And in other Tesla news…201,250 deliveries of their vehicles were made in Q2 of this year, a huge volume. Projections for the quarter were around 195,000 so Tesla has really delivered (pardon the pun) on this one! 

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