We’re back for another installment of EV Morning News. 

Grab a cup of hot coffee and settle in. We’re cheating a little bit today and stuffing an extra bit in. We’ve got 4 stories for you, but one of those stories is really 3 separate Tesla stories rolled into 1. Time to get cracking.

Huge range test in Norway 

We’re heading to Norway now, because the Norwegian Automotive Federation has staged another one of its huge range tests. They picked 21 brand new EVs, charged them up to 100% and sent them out on the road to see how they’d stack up against their WLTP ratings. The results may surprise you. 

Tesla – Model 3 Sales Surpass LEAF, Plaid+ is Cancelled, More Plans for Berlin 

And now to the bit where we cheat! We’ve got three Tesla stories rolled into one for you. So we better push on.  

First up, we’re in the UK as the Model 3 surpasses the Nissan LEAF in total sales.  Next up is Elon Musk tweeting that the Model S Plaid+ is cancelled. And lastly, we’ll pop over to Germany where Tesla have reportedly introduced updated applications for Giga Berlin. 

Bristol Royal Mail goes Fully Electric  

We’re heading back to the UK now to look at The Royal Mail’s transformation of a delivery office to electric vans.

Blue Bird hit 500 sales of Electric School Buses 

And we’re heading back over to look at a story for our US viewers. The iconic yellow US school bus continues to get the electric treatment. Blue Bird has celebrated its 500th electric bus either produced or on order. Now there’s a long way to go, but with the likes of BYD launching electric versions also, the pace of change is sure to pick up.  

There you have it, another edition of EV Morning to get you up to speed. There’s just so much to cover, we wish we had more time!  

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