One of our favorite Tesla YouTube influencers Andy Slye says Tesla is hiding something. If you follow the electric automaker, you're probably aware it seems it may always be hiding something. Tesla is sneaky, and often the only way to get an idea of what's in store for the company and its future is to pay close attention to Elon Musk's cryptic tweets and memes.

With that said, the situation Slye is referring to is a bit different, though it's also something that hs common for Tesla. Unlike typical legacy automakers, Tesla doesn't reveal all details to its customers. In fact, oftentimes when we're writing about a Tesla product, we can't even find specific specs or details on the company's website.

Tesla used to reveal more information to customers, and it used to have a PR team. However, now it has become more private, it seems to only reveal certain details if it's forced to do so or if it will prove it has an edge over the competition. Since there's no one at Tesla to contact with questions, people resort to figuring things out themselves, learning from other Tesla owners, or contacting a local Tesla store, which can all be hit or miss.

One question that comes up often about Tesla's vehicles is the size of its battery packs. It used to be very clear. A Tesla Model S P100D has a 100-kWh pack (the P is for Performance and the D is for Dual-Motor), whereas a Model S 85 has an 85-kWh pack.

Once the Model 3 came along, Tesla stopped making battery pack sizes clear, and it eventually changed its top-performing Model S and Model X vehicles to "Performance" and now "Plaid," versus the name that specified the battery size. You'd think you could visit a "Specs" section for each car on Tesla's website that would spell out the car's internal workings, but that's not the case.

Moreover, Slye says that Musk mentioned the Plaid having an "all-new battery pack," though there was never any explanation about what's all-new, what makes it new, or really any other important details. This all-new battery pack is still a complete mystery, and its size is still not officially known.

So, how big is the battery pack in the all-new Tesla Model S Plaid? What's new, and why does it even matter? Check out the video for Slye's take on this.

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