Our Director of Video Kyle Conner got his hands on three Volkswagen ID.4 crossovers, all in the same place at the same time. However, the three SUVs are different in one simple way, they're all different trim levels. The ID.4 is offered in three trims for the US market: Pro, Pro S, and 1st Edition.

If you haven't figured it out by now, we're here to tell you, Kyle Conner is a big fan of the Volkswagen ID.4. Moreover, his Out of Spec audience is also very interested in the all-new, fully electric Volkswagen crossover.

Conner says he typically reviews a car and then moves along, but he's provided plenty of additional coverage of the ID.4 on his various channels, as well as on InsideEVs. He gets lots of questions from fans, and it's important to try to help people that are considering an EV. Education is one of the biggest keys to promoting and encouraging EV adoption.

Kyle actually filmed the video at a VW dealership, and the folks at the dealer were more than happy to provide him with an ID.4 Pro S and an ID.4 First Edition. He compares them to the base ID.4 Pro.

The ID.4 Pro carries a starting price of $39,995. The mid-level Pro S (Statement) starts at $44,495. The First Edition is sold out, but its MSRP was $43,995. While these prices are all relatively close, there are definitely features that set these SUVs apart, and Conner does a stellar job of spelling them all out.

As always, check out the video, then leave us a comment. We'd especially love to hear from people who already own an ID.4 or those who have plans to buy one.

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