The guys over at JR Garage claim they just sold a Tesla to take delivery of the all-new Volkswagen ID.4 electric crossover. Not long ago, they sold one of their Model 3 sedans when they took delivery of a Ford Mustang Mach-E. Wait, how many Teslas do they own? Have they sold them all now?

JR Garage is a YouTube channel produced by two young brothers who are car collectors. There have been many questions over the years related to how these young guys got the money to collect all these expensive cars, and the media attention drove their YouTube channel up to a whopping 1.22 million subscribers, but that's all really beside the point.

We don't really care how they got the money or the cars. What we do care about is their impression of these new Tesla rivals. There aren't a whole lot of folks out there just buying whichever new car they want, whenever they want. And, if they are, they all aren't taking to YouTube and social media to review the cars, so JR Garage provides a unique opportunity for EV fans. JR Garage writes:

"We bought the all new 2021 Volkswagen ID4 fully electric SUV! After buying the Mustang Mach-E, we weren't blown away, so we decided to move forward with the ID4. We sold our Tesla Model 3 as a result to try something new."

It's important to note, the video above has other footage that's unrelated to the title, so scroll to the 6:15-mark to see the part about the VW ID.4.

JR Garage plans to put out plenty of content related to the ID.4, so we'll be watching the channel and sharing it all with you here. In the meantime, enjoy the video and then leave us a comment.

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