Top Gear host and "VERY serious" automotive reviewer Ollie Kew aims to tell you everything there is to know about the Tesla Model 3, all while keep you highly entertained in the process.

Top Gear is certainly having a bit of fun here providing what it calls "VERY serious" reviews of the most frequently searched electric cars at its "VERY serious testing facility" where "VERY serious car testers" test cars "VERY seriously."

All jokes aside, Top Gear knows car testing is a serious subject, but there's definitely no problem with having a bit of silly fun in the process. The publication is, in fact, testing a number of new EVs and providing entertaining YouTube video content of the process.

In this latest video, Top Gear tests the most popular electric car across the globe – the Tesla Model 3. However, more specifically, it's testing the updated 2021 model. The review focuses on the usual Tesla performance features, such as zero-to-60-mph times, ride quality, and handling prowess. What's more, it also gets into Tesla Autopilot, which has been in the news often of late. Finally, the video also offers up a nice user guide for current and prospective Tesla owners.

We suggest setting aside some time to watch the entire video. It's only about 12 minutes, and there's a lot to take in. In summary, Top Gear says Tesla is a tech company as much as it is a car company. The Model 3 is a sensible family car that performs well when you want or need it to. 

Top Gear calls the Model 3 the car of the future, and praises its sense of humor. The publication actually named the Model 3 its car of the year back in 2019. It notes that the Model 3 is kind of old now since it launched back in 2017, yet no other car has been able to match its popularity in its segment or beat it on all fronts.

In the end, Top Gear calls the Model 3 one of the most interesting and compelling cars on the market, but notes that it's not perfect. There are still some fit and finish issues, and a few other EVs are a bit more fun to drive. However, with Tesla's speed of innovation and willingness to push the envelope, the brand is poised to continue to improve and hold the lead.

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